Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Another season.. or is it?

Greetings Fellow Music Educators!

It is that time of year again, the start of another season... or is it? I know we all have these questions that run through our head as the first rehearsal approaches. Will the choir be able to achieve the tone that is in my head? Did I pick the correct repertoire for them? Will the choir get along and become a family?

There are so many emotions that run through us as directors. I was talking with my wife about all of these concerns as we drove to the ICC retreat and she turned to me and said, "It really is silly to worry about all of these things because each year you have a new choir and each choir is different. As long as you and the singers do your personal best then you will be fine." WOW! You have to love when your spouse really helps put life into perspective. I was worrying about so many unknowns. Unknowns that, for the most part, I cannot control.

So, we had our first rehearsal that kicked off our annual retreat and my fears melted away. As the retreat continued, the singers were bonding before my eyes! I saw them coming together and enjoying each other's company. It didn't hurt that we had hayrides, folk dancing, and a dance party with Mr. Pedde and Mr. Leck!

Our retreat also had a leadership workshop with Fran Kick, and it was well worth every penny! At this workshop they were stunned to hear Fran say he was not going to tell them they needed to be leaders or why they needed to do things. Instead, he spoke to them about life and that being a leader is not the person that you think is in charge, but rather someone who does the right thing. He told them that you only get out of life what you put into it. The truth is always the truth no matter if you like it or not. If you pay attention, respond appropriately, and put in what you want out of life, you will go far.

We closed the retreat by talking as a choir and setting our goals as a group. I was impressed by their goals and how they wanted exactly what I was worrying about on the drive to the first rehearsal. They wanted to have the tone that I had in my head. They wanted to push the envelope and take the ensemble to a new level. It made my day!

I left the retreat energized and ready for a year of great music making with a new group of wonderful singers! Here is to another year that will be unlike any year before! Here is to another great adventure in the world of choral music!

Have a great season everyone!