Monday, August 23, 2010

At Times Like This...

Well, here we are. We are back to work after a summer of unrest. Many of our school districts went through major budget cuts and faced tough decisions. We have fought for and are possibly still fighting for referendums. We also are looking at the possibility of losing collective bargaining and going to a salary that is unbelievable. So here we are. What do we do?
The answer is simple, WE TEACH! We do what we love and have been trained to do. We show our communities that what we do is valuable and adds much more to these students’ lives than many of them will ever know.
It is as if in the past few years we seem to sit at a crossroad. We always seem to be faced with a new obstacle every year and it seems like it will never end. Yes, teaching in this state will not be the same. It will be very different from the past and may never return. However, every time we have seen these changes we have overcome. Why? It is because we all share the basic fundamental belief in making a difference in children’s lives and in the power of music. I am sure each of us can name that one teacher that changed us. I can remember that I wanted to be a pastor, but then I met my middle school band director, Jon Milleman (He is currently the Principal at Hamilton Southeastern High School). I fell in love with music. I had always loved it, but now it was different. I had a passion for it. I knew that I wanted to create music as a teacher with children. Who would have guessed that I would change from band to choir and then choose elementary music and children’s choir? I did, and I know I have found what I love to do most.
I am sure you also have a story. A story that gives you the drive each day to do what you do. Don’t lose sight of that and why we are here. No matter what happens in these coming months, what you do each day is priceless! Keep up the great work! Keep promoting what we do in our school by talking to administration, parents, and the community. But most importantly, know that you are not in this alone, because we are all in this together!
Have a great school year!

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