Monday, January 23, 2012

Conference Time

It is that time of year, time for our annual conferences and conventions and let's not forget the snow! This year seems to be even more packed with these gatherings that usual. However, each one of these events offers a unique opportunity to learn, collaborate, and network.

The first event that I attended was the ACDA Children's and Community Youth Choir Conductor's Retreat. It was jam packed with useful sessions ranging from recruitment to Exploring American Folk songs! It was a great time to talk to colleagues and find out what is happening all across the US.

The next conference that I attended was the Indiana Music Educator's Conference. This was another great opportunity to hear some great sessions and concerts. I attended a demonstration by Brad Holmes and the Millikin Choir. It was amazing. Their tone was magnificent and their attention to detail was very evident. I also attended a performance by the Butler University Chorale. Another fabulous performance. However, I must say that I am partial because Butler is my alma mater. The session that opened a whole new world to me was a session presented by Kelly Clifford on google tools in the music classroom! If you are unfamiliar with these tools, check them out. Below is Kelly's website that has instructions for each tool. It is a great resource!

My final conference comes in March with the ACDA Central Division Conference. I know this will be a great time to learn and hear some amazing choirs. I hope to see many of you there!

Stay warm and dry this month and enjoy all of the conferences!

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